Downtime is a newsletter about making space for rest, creativity, and joy.

Created by Alisha Ramos, formerly of Girls' Night In.

In Downtime’s popular weekly Friday newsletter, we share all the stuff we might text a good friend: what’s making us happy right now, the things worth reading on the internet this week, cool discoveries, and what we’re currently overthinking about. You might find a recommendation for your next book, the softest sweatpants, or a recipe to try. Readers say that Downtime feels like a cozy treat for your inbox.

“It’s like getting an email from your smart, funny, in-the-know friend.”

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Hello! It’s me, Alisha, this newsletter's primary writer and editor. I’m a recovering media entrepreneur: I ran the popular Girls’ Night In lifestyle newsletter and media brand for six years, and it’s been featured in publications like Vogue and The New York Times.

I’m an avid reader of fiction (literary with a dash of romance), a classic overthinker, and a type-A-who-loves-a-good-spreadsheet kinda gal. I’m that friend who likes to [over]share all her latest discoveries.

I’m a new mom, so I’m thinking about motherhood, career, and identity a lot these days, too (there’s an opt-in Motherhood section of the newsletter). I live just outside Washington, D.C., with my family.

Thanks for being here!

Downtime is edited by Aliza Abarbanel and regularly features guest curators and interviewees who we think are really cool and worth knowing.

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A newsletter about making space for rest, creativity, and joy. From Alisha Ramos, formerly of Girls' Night In.


Alisha Ramos 

Hi! I write Downtime, a bestselling lifestyle and culture newsletter. In the past, I ran Girls' Night In, a newsletter-based media business, for six years. I also consult with consumer brands on editorial and marketing.

Aliza Abarbanel

Acting editor